we aspire to distinguish ourselves to offer to customers a professional, innovative and extended 5d “surface” of competence: we love the design’s first 3 dimensions mono, two and three dimensional, width, height, depth, but we well know the value of the fourth dimension, time, which defines the duration, the appear and disappear, the beginning and the end, and above all we are passionate about the new fifth dimension, the digital one, that defines the diagonal width, trans geographic, hyper temporal, ultra human width of spaces and objects

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we belive in a design strongly oriented towards needs, desires, experiences of final users and so in their participation, this is the reason why we adopt codesign methodologies and processes of design thinking




we believe it is natural for us to develop transparency and traceability as an adequate and fundamental tool to improve common skills, knowledge and interactions, and this is why since 2003 we have decided to certify our work UNI EN ISO 9001


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3 weeks ago

GTP | gruppo thema progetti

27 Giugno 2018 | #TORINO
Incontro e visita guidata a La Nuvola Lavazza con Cino Zucchi Architetti e GTP | gruppo thema progetti
Tecno Spa | Nuvola Lavazza | Casabella
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4 weeks ago

GTP | gruppo thema progetti
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